Reward yourself with a vacation on the Aegean Sea and indulge in healthy, fresh Mediterranean food as you strengthen your body and sharpen your mind. Transform your lifestyle, achieve goals and take a step out of the ordinary into something extraordinary. Explore nature and experience true freedom. Most importantly, pull out of your daily routine and enjoy yourself

This is not just any retreat or wellness holiday. This is a destination that will search your soul and find the real you. Unlock levels of awareness and consciousness that you had not imagined possible.

Nature created the perfect environment and we have provided all the resources to inspire and motivate you to improve. Together we will set your goals and support you in achieving them with a group of trained professionals, whether these are weight loss, strength training or mindfulness.

You deserve the best fitness camp in the world

What makes us unique?
• TASTE -Mediterranean diet with fresh, organic produce from local farmers and our famous Samian Wine.
• EXPERIENCE – the warm Greek hospitality, mindfulness,  and environmental awareness.
• LEARN – all about Sustainable farming, authentic life on an Aegean Island, and Secrets of Longevity from Ikaria Island.
• RELAX – with incredible views of the Aegean in comfortable accommodations that will make you feel right at home.
• IMPROVE – Start living a rewarding life full of energy and wellness.


Two unique programs designed just for you

Fitness Retreat

Full body workouts combined with proper nutritional planning focused on strength and conditioning. Restore your flexibility and train outdoors in an environment with a unique terrain that will both challenge and relax you.Total-body training through mountain biking, canyoning and running integrated in a wellness program for improved health and happiness.

Weight Loss Retreat

Designed to target weight loss issues specifically tailored and customized to fit your needs. All workouts are modified, personalized and enjoyable. Build a well- balanced body and mind. Create the momentum you need to start a healthy lifestyle towards a new you. Energize your body and modify your mindset to empower and enhance your life.



Dimitris Kastanis

Strength training & Water Aerobics

A graduate from the Sports Academy as a Certified Personal Trainer in Power Plate, and professional lifeguard who works as a personal trainer in Athens and Samos. He has been employed at Liverpool Academy of Greece and has also worked as a personal trainer in some of the top named Gyms in the country.


    Katerina Katsika

    Sports Managements & Yoga

    A graduate of the Sports Academy (North Academy of Fitness) as a personal trainer. Specializes in Yoga, Pilates, Personal Fitness, Prenatal & Postnatal yoga. Has been employed for 9 years with the Hellenic Athletic Federation (SEGAS). Katerina has also been a representative of the Nagato Marathon for 4 years.


      Giorgos Mattheou

      Outdoor Activities Management

      Founder and CEO of the Greek Fitness Camp. Also the founder of “Samos Outdoor Activities” company and responsible for the promotion of alternative tourism in Samos. A graduate of the University of the Aegean, department of Business Administration majoring in Tourism. Exceptionally skilled in mountain biking, trail running, rock climbing, and other outdoor sports like hiking. He has greatly contributed to the local society as the vice president of the Greek Rescue team in the Mountain Rescue sector and constantly raising awareness on environmental issues inspiring others to protect the amazing nature surrounding us.


        Eleni Sagaraki

        Gastronomy Guru

        Her passion for flavor, her natural instincts to combine ingredients and extensive knowledge on herbs and spices are her tools to create the unique dishes of the Greek Fitness camp. She has studied traditional Greek cuisine and Mediterranean diet and is a graduate of the University of the Aegean department of Mathematics. You can count on her to keep your calorie intake measured with accuracy while enjoying the unique flavors of the local, fresh and organic ingredients in different healthy- low carb combinations. When not experimenting in a kitchen you will find Eleni CrossFit training.


          Can I stay with my pet?

          Yes, the hotel is animal friendly so you can travel with your small friend. Please let us know more details about your pet before your arrival for a better service.

          What is the accommodation like?

          The hotel that we mainly work with placed in the middle of the north coast of the island, 10min walking distance from Agios Konstantinos Village. It is a small (35 rooms) family-fun hotel in the heart of the nightingale valley with view to the sea and the forest. The hotel is built on the top of a hill that gives us a perfectly revitalizing summer breeze as well as a more demanding walk to the room :). It is a place hidden in the natural environment, isolated and quiet which helps us focus on our aim.

          Do you have Internet access available?

          Yes there is wifi internet access in the hotel.

          Are there any shopping facilities nearby?

          On the nearby village of Agios Konstantinos (10min walk) you can find a small supermarket as well as some cafes and tavernas.

          How far is the nearest town?

          Karlovasi and Samos Town ( the two largest towns of Samos) are approximately 20 minutes away by car. Agios Konstantinos village is a 10-minute walk away.

          Do you have laundry services?

          Yes, the hotel provides laundry service. For the rates please ask the reception.

          Do you have room cleaning services?

          Yes, your room will be cleaned every day.

          Will I pay extra for the room?

          No, your accommodation price is included in the GFC price.

          Does the Hotel have a pool?

          Yes and the pool area has a magnificent view to the forest and to the sea. This pool is also used for some of our fitness activities like water aerobics, strength and stretch classes, water walking, and lap swimming. You are welcome to use it in your free time as well.

          Is there child care available?

          If at all possible, we strongly encourage you to make alternate plans rather than bring your child with you when you attend the Greek Fitness Camp program. This is an important time to focus on yourself and your health, and you will be very busy with classes and activities. In case you decide to bring your family along, please contact us and we are able to help steer you toward some child care options.

          How do I get to the Greek Fitness Camp?

          The GFC is located in Samos island. You have the option to either fly to the International Airport of Samos (SMI) with a charter direct flight from many european cities or from Athens and Thessaloniki with one of the many flights per day. The alternative is to travel by boat from Athens or Kusadasi.

          Will I need a car during my stay?

          The car it is not necessary because of the complete transfer service offered by the GFC during the time of your program (including airport pick up and drop-off). In case that you want to feel more independent in your free time – we can help you book a fully insured car with an additional price (from 25€/ day).

          What type of food will i be eating?

          The GFC diet is 80% plant-based that draws inspiration from the Mediterranean cuisine based on organic ingredients to delight the senses and fuel the body. Daily menus feature the finest fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses, legumes, seeds, fishes, veal and chicken meat, yogurts, honey and cheese. While excluding alcohol and any kind of sugar to aid in the cleansing and revitalization process, all guests eat the daily menu that has been created by our culinary team.

          Will I feel hungry?

          Our nutrition program it is based in mediterranean cuisine with a lot of small snacks all day long and a main dish with a side salad made out of local and fresh vegetables for lunch. Our nutrition team always tries their best to give a wholesome philosophy about food while customizing the program according to your needs, fitness goals and preferences.

          Can I Ask for more food?

          Yes, In any meal you have the ability to ask bigger portions of food or for extra food.

          Can I follow a different diet because of allergies, intolerance, religion or personal reasons? (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free etc.)

          Yes, we respect any personal preferences and we are able to help you with any nutritional preference if you inform us on time.

          Can we bring food and drinks from outside?

          Yes, Our aim is to try to turn your focus in a more healthy way of life. However, at all times you are absolutely free to eat or drink whatever you want. Just think about your goals and the reasons that brought you to us!

          How many calories will I be eating at Greek Fitness Camp?

          It all depends on your fitness goals, the measurements from our nutrition team. Gradually, we will try to balance around 2300 kcal daily input.

          Do you offer cooking classes as part of your core program?

          Yes, our aim is to give you all the necessary knowledge so that once you go home you will be able to cook for yourself these simple and delicious recipes. Mediterranean diet for the Greek Fitness Camp team is not just a diet, it is a philosophy, culture and our way of living.

          How is the Greek Fitness Camp different from other health and weight-loss resorts?

          The answer is based on 6 different points:
          1.Mediterranean diet and fresh local products
          2.Workshops to improve your knowledge and relationship with the food
          3.Very small groups for personalized and intimate experience (average 5 guests)
          4.Mostly based on outdoor activities based in the magnificent and rich Samos natural environment
          5.Activities while enjoying the climate, beauties and history of a Greek Aegean island
          6.Not boot-camp style. Many soft kind activities

          What is the difference between weight loss retreat and the Fitness retreat?

          The weight loss camp is mainly addressed to overweight people as it includes many “soft” activities. The fitness program it is for people of good shape that aim to increase their fitness level while trying a variety of outdoor activities during their vacation.

          What is the group size in Greek Fitness Camp retreats?

          Both the Fitness and the Weight Loss programs can host from 1 up to 8 guests per group to ensure a personalized and intimate experience.

          What if I have never experienced a program of this nature?

          We maintain a nurturing and supportive environment. Our highly trained and professional staff will be there in every activity to help each guest, no matter the skill or experience level. Each of our experienced instructors is familiar with a wide range of abilities, and adapts the program to the intensity and skill level of each guest.

          What is the appropriate clothing and gear to bring?

          We recommend casual clothing that allows you to be comfortable. Clothing with the ability to wick moisture from the skin is best. A pair of broken-in workout/training shoes AND hiking shoes/trail runners, a sun hat, bug spray, a water flask and more. We discourage formal attire, jewelry and accessories of high worth or significant sentimental value. We encourage you to pack light and bring only items you need to help allow for a complete and total disconnect from the ‘grid.’ For a full packing list click here.

          Can I get hurt?

          Our guests’ safety is a top priority. The instruction and guidance given during the various daily programs have been designed first and foremost with safety in mind. Should anything out of the ordinary occur, our staff is professionally trained and equipped to handle a range of medical emergency scenarios.

          Can I bring a friend or family member to support me?In which activities can my support person participate?

          Yes, It can be very helpful to have a friend or loved one with you at the Greek fitness camp and they are very welcome. We can give a better price in this case and we can provide accommodation, full board and a car to explore the island. They can join us in every daily trip around the island and in every hiking trip as well.

          Do you offer spa-type services, such as massage therapy, saunas, facials, etc.?

          Yes, you can book any type of this kind of services with an additional cost. For more information, please ask our team.

          Are kids welcome at Greek Fitness Camp?

          Yes, In Greek Fitness Camp kids there are welcome to take part in our special weight loss retreats for kids or just to bring your child with you in Samos and we have the ability to arrange a child care options for the time that you are busy with the training.

          Greek Fitness Camp is expensive - is it worth it?

          YES! Greek Fitness Camp offers great value for money as we are offering an end to your struggle with your relationship with food. If you take part in the programme and give it 100% then, with our support when you return home, you will succeed. We only run the programme with small groups, you have lovely accommodation, organic local food and personalized service and support. The Greek Fitness Camp offers an affordable high quality service.

          What is the minimum stay?

          The program runs in 7-day cycles with the minimum stay being one week. Guests are welcome to stay for as long as they wish – many guests stay for multiple weeks (and even months!) at a time.

          How long would I need to stay to see results?

          Every day is specifically designed to provide you with the activities, education, nutrition and personal attention you need to get healthy and stay motivated. Our program will challenge you physically and mentally to reach and surpass your own expectations while empowering you to change your life. Everybody is different and rather than tell you a number of kilos you will lose, we focus on teaching you how to safely and effectively lose around 1.5% Total Body Weight per week.

          How far in advance should I book?

          We recommend booking The Greek Fitness Camp about 3-6 months prior to your stay to ensure availability and the best group match.

          What is the minimum and the maximum of the participants in any retreat?

          Both the Fitness and the Weight Loss programs can host from 1 up to 8 guests per group to ensure a personalized and intimate experience.

          How much do I need to pay at the time of booking?

          At time of booking you will be required to pay a 10% deposit. On the arrival date you will have to cover the remaining balance.

          Are taxes and fees included?

          Yes, the above prices include taxes and all fees. No hidden costs in the Greek Fitness Camp.

          Do I have to pay anything additional when at the resort?

          No, once you pay for the program your accommodation, transfers in the island, group fitness sessions, nutrition workshops, wellness sessions, all meals, and snacks are included in the price you pay.

          If I come alone can I share a room with someone and take advantage of the shared rate?

          Shared rooms are only for guests who are coming to the resort together. We do not pair up roommates.

          What happens if I book a reservation but end up having to cancel it?

          Less than 21 days – Cancellation Fee: 100%
          22 days – 40 days – Cancellation Fee: 50%
          More than 40 days – Cancellation Fee: 10%
          In any case, we will do whatever we can to rebook you on another course and avoid cancellation fees.

          What happens if I need to change the date of my booking?

          You can change your date without charge if you inform us up to 22 days earlier.

          Can I have a better price?

          Yes, if you are planning to come with company, for every extra person in shared rooms we give an extra discount depending on the season and the other discounts that you already have from coupon.

          Can I book a takeover weeks?

          Yes, for much better results you can book a personal program tailored just for you, your needs and your goals. You can also book a private retreat for you and your friends, YPO Forums, Seniors, mother/daughter groups, bridal parties, sorority groups, large families, etc.